Spock Vs. Kirk – Cosmic Idol Edition

Whether you’re a Trekkie or not, you’ve no doubt at some point in your life made an obscure Star Trek reference, quoted some line from the show or at the very least did a very bad William Shatner impression. The weird ones among you may have even done it with a green chick – but I digress.

Captain Kirk hit this……….

Star Trek has come a long way from the original brain child of Gene Roddenberry that debuted on television in 1966 and originally only ran for three seasons. In the forty three years that followed, it spawned four spin-offs, an animated series, several comic books and eleven movies with another one in production as I write this.

Instead of this……..

The series has spawned many memorable and endearing characters but without a doubt the biggest reason for it’s success was the dynamic relationship between Captain James T. Kirk and Mr Spock played impeccably by William Shatner and Leonard Nemoy. There have always been rumors and stories about feuding on set and scene stealing accusations, but it was very clear these two had a rivalry going. Even when it came to music.

But he could have done worse.

Both Will and Lenny dabbled in the performing arts. Here are two examples of them expressing themselves artistically. Remember as you watch these that these were both serious performances and not meant to be a gag, comedy bit or any attempt to try and be funny. These are two serious performers doing their best to entertain. We can look at it one of two ways – which of these two is the ultimate galactic crooner or which of these two laid the largest Klingon turd…….your call.

R.I.P. Malcolm McClaren (1946-2010)

Retroland lost a great one today. Malcolm McClaren passed away today after a battle with cancer at the age of 64. Whether you liked him or not, you couldn’t dispute the fact that the man was an innovator had vision and a knack at spotting trends and capitalizing on them.

Malcolm was a fashion designer originally and opened up a London boutique called “Let It Rock” in 1971 before eventually renaming it “Sex”. It was around this time he started to get involved with music. He worked with the New York Dolls for a bit but his true claim to fame came when he started managing a punk band called “The Strand” who later renamed themselves – The Sex Pistols.

After one studio album and a brutal North American tour, the group was done and Malcolm moved on. Among the groups of the day that Malcolm had a hand in include Adam Ant and Bow Wow Wow. He then embarked on his own musical career.

His first venture happened after being exposed to Afrika Bambaata and his Zulu Nation which were a break dance crew that would perform to a new style of music from Bambaata that came to be known as Hip Hop. Malcolm was fascinated and with writing and production help by Trevor Horn put out his first album Duck Rock which featured a couple of early Hip Hop classics “Buffalo Girls” and “Double Dutch” which really helped crossover Hip Hop to the masses.

Malcolm constantly kept reinventing himself and in 1984 mixed electro-pop and opera to create Madame Butterfly which exposed him to a new audience and led to working with Yanni to create the music for a British Airways advertising campaign.

Malcolm continued to work in the entertainment industry and had some songs featured in major motion pictures, appeared on reality TV in the UK, created a few documentaries and just kept it up right till the end. He was anything but boring and a true original.