Retro TV Ad of the Day: Pop-O-Matic Trouble

You know you used to watch a lot of TV as a kid when you catch yourself mumbling a certain part of an advertising jingle from time to time even though the commercial hasn’t played on air in over 30 years.

Case in point – the Kohner Brothers “Pop-O-Matic” Trouble. Originally made by Irwin in 1965, it eventually was made by Milton Bradley which is now part of Hasbro. This probably explains why the board games of today aren’t as good as back then with all the major brands are buying each other up – so much for competition. But I digress.

Although the game was actually called Trouble, you probably knew it more as “Pop-O-Matic Trouble” thanks to the popular commercial from around 1970 that showcased the plastic domed dice container that when pushed down would “pop” the dice ensuring a fair roll of the dice, faster game play and guaranteed annoyance to parents everywhere due to the constant popping sound.