Who Knew That Lysol Was a Girl’s Best Friend?

Read the ad first. Not sure what’s more disturbing about this ad, the fact this woman needs a household cleaner to achieve that fresh feeling down there or that women walked around in the 50’s smelling like pine cones. Honestly, what if it didn’t work? Where do you go from there if Lysol doesn’t work for you? It was the 50s afterall – Woolite? (Just sayin’……..)

I can imagine the conversation at the lodge between the men.

“Say, how’s the Lysol working for you Bob?”

“Pretty good Fred! Got the boat all scrubbed down and ready for fishing!”

“That’s great Bob. How’d it work on Ethel?”

“Not so good Fred…….not so good.”

“That’s a damn shame Bob.”

“Go to hell Fred.”