Retro Video of the Day – Sweet Dreams / Pop Muzik

In keeping with the MTV theme from the posting the other day here’s two examples of videos that kind of show how quick some artists realized what a powerful media videos could be in giving their music a whole new dimension and got pretty serious about producing a quality video to go along with the song.

Eurythmics came on the scene with “Sweet Dreams” in the early 80s and as if Annie Lennox’s incredible voice wasn’t enough, you also got the cool visual imagery to accent the song and really solidify the mood and feeling it produced whenever you heard it afterwards. The images of the video made you think how it all connected to the song and it stayed with you. (Having said that – what’s with the cow in the video?)

By contrast, Pop Music by “M” (pronouned “Ehmm” – yeah, I’m kidding) was so hokey that it almost seems like a parody produced in someone’s basement. Everything from the cheap set to the seizure like dance routines make this video so bad it’s actually good. This song was a hit but I hope the dude didn’t spend all the money in one place – he sure as heck didn’t spend it on the video!

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