Rest In Peace SpaghettiOs Dude

If you grew up in the late 60s, 70s and 80s you probably had SpaghettiOs. As you got older you probably made the switch to something more adult like Chunky soup. Both of these were developed by Donald Goerke while working for Franco American that eventually was bought by Campbells Soup.

You can’t help noticing that SpaghettiOs sound eerily similar to Cheerios. (Can you say ripoff?) I wish they’d carry this theme over to other food. Still waiting for BaconO’s or even PizzaO’s…….mmmmmm. I digress.

Sadly, Donald passed away last week and left behind a legacy of retro goodness in the form of two classic advertising catch phrases or slogans: “Uh – oh SpaghettiOs” and “Soup that eats like a meal!”

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