Easter Kiss – It’s Not What You Think

Any kid growing up in the 70s and 80s either loved or hated KISS. Most of the “haters” assumed their weird friends were just going through a phase and eventually would grow out of their strange fascination with the four painted people with the foot high heels and freaky costumes.

Obviously the haters were completely wrong. KISS is bigger than ever and, by utilizing some very smart business sense, were able to remain relevant after all these years and continue to tour. Their influence on our culture continues. 

Their latest plan is to take over Easter.

They’ve made so much money, that they now plan to issue their on currency. Below is a prototype for the American KISS twenty dollar bill. 

 An alternate design – still tweaking the details obviously.

Once the U.S. is conquered they will set their sights on the U.S.’s closes neighbor – Canada.  

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